Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy guides our work with football players and coaches. It comprises of four elements:

  1. Physical: Developing physical ability through a healthy lifestyle and age-appropriate exercise.

Many of the players may not have access to football programs and support in maintaining a healthy lifestyle if it were not through NFP.

  1. Psychological: Training players to have an appropriate mind-set in order to manage their emotions and behaviour.

Players will be mentored on how to respond and develop resilience in addressing life issues. This may include learning how to manage, racism and developing appropriate conflict resolution skills. Players will be mentored to broaden their minds to what opportunities lie ahead with and beyond football.

  1. Social: Creating opportunities for communities to connect, share ideas and support players and coaches.

This includes promoting volunteerism, leadership and teamwork. Parents will be mentored on how to develop healthy relationships with their children (the players). They will also be encouraged to identify and support their children’s talents. In addition, NFP will contribute towards breaking down social exclusion by providing opportunities for players to interact with the wider Australian community, and in turn open their network of friends and colleagues.

  1. Technical ability: Enhancing age-appropriate player and coaching prowess.

In order for coaches to bring out the best in players, they will work to understand individual players and identify specific approaches to coach each player. Coaches and players will work in partnership to make each training session and game relevant and enjoyable.