Values nfa


Our coaching philosophy is underpinned by seven values:

  • Teamwork – NFP emphasises teamwork through developing corporation, understanding team dynamics and how each individual player can contribute to the team.
  • Respect – NFP promotes respect for all those involved in the game, including player, coaches, referees and supporters.
  • Volunteerism  – NFP encourages parents and other community members to volunteer and support the program and football players.  Community members are encouraged to volunteer in administrative roles and in social activities and provide specific family support, where needed.
  • Commitment – NFP expects that all individuals are committed to the aims and activities of the program.
  • Fun for all – NFP will ensure that the football programs are fun and address each player’s individual needs.
  • Diversity and equity – NFP will encourage involvement from a range of communities.  We will ensure the diversity of participants.  NFP will not discriminate against anyone.
  • A fair go for a fair play – NFP will provide all interested players an opportunity to develop their football talent, while learning how to play a fair game.